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The Hope And Glory Choir

Everyday this week we will introduce a member of the choir as we prepare to greet them in Northern Ireland



My name is Andile. After being abandoned  by my parents as child I experienced a lot of hardship. Together with my siblings we will go for days without food. Thus affected my health badly I ended up in hospital in a very bad state due to malnutrition.  Praise God Challenge Ministries found me and provided me with a  home at Bulembu and my life changed for better. Hope was restored and I give Glory to Him


My name us Selu. I didn't know what it was to be in a functional home. Being raised by my grandmother  who was struggling her self was very difficult. Parents not being around and that forced my elder sister to drop out of school and find jobs to cater for us but still that never changed the situation. It was getting worst day by day. God who us evert faithful and always wanting the best for us by far provided a shelter for me through Challenge Ministries Swaziland. My life turned around I found Christ and home. All Glory and Honor belongs to Him



My name us Bavukile. Was raised by my grandmother. I started using drugs at a young age. I mixed with wrong crowds and I eventually dropped put of school and focused on my habit with my friends. That led me to improsement  where  I served my sentence.After I was released from prison I had no where to go as I had burnt all my relationships  due to my behavior. Praise God Challenge Ministries Swaziland took me in at The Men Centre for a discipleship  programm. There I found love and I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. My life is now centered in Christ who is The Hope of Glory


My name us Mzwandile. Raised by both parents. My dad a policeman and very strict. The only way he knew as firm of discipline was thorough beating and he will use anything. There are times where he will beat me and I will pass out. My home was not a good place to be and that resulted in me finding unhealthy hobbies outside of home. I started taking drugs, weed.. I eventually left home dropped out of school.  My behaviour  got worst because I started having my own weed fields and selling. I was using and now selling. That led to me getting sick having mental health issues. The Love that God had for us as His people no one can better explained. He used Challenge Ministries to rescue me from a life that could have resulted in death. I'm now at The Men centre and I am walking with The Lord,I am healed from my mental health I'm an Ambassador  of Christ



My name is Sisa. When my mother passed away leaving me with my dad life became very hard for me. My dad turned to alcohol and he forgot about me. I then turned to alcohol ,weed and drugs. I became very rebellious. My dad chased me from home due to my behavior and I moved in with my boyfriend in his home. There my boyfriend and his family abused me. He would physically abused me and emotionally too. Praise God I had about the Women Centre . I then went there. In there I found Christ Jesus and I began my journey of healing. The Lord brought hope that I had lost due to the struggles of life. I am a happy young woman with a bright future through Christ Jesus.


My name is Kwanele... my childhood was very difficult. At home we had nothing. That resulted in me looking for jobs at a very tender age as a baby seater. My heart was yearning to go to school like other children but that opportunity I never had. I was just looking after people's children so I can provide food for my family. My life changed when Chalkenge Ministries Swaziland found me and took me in. A home was provided for,education provided for me mire than anything I was introduced to Christ. I accepted Christ and life was never the same again.



My name is Sfiso. Growing up was not easy at all. I grew up surrounded by poverty at a young age I never understood what was happening. I thought that was normal. I was very young when God opened a way for me for a better life through Chalkenge Ministries Swaziland. I found home and all my needs were provided. Education was provided. I am born again child of God enjoying my relationship with my father God.

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