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New Project Launching Soon

Over the past 25 years CMS has been aiming to meet the needs of the people of Eswatini through community church plants, children's homes and men's and women's rehabilitation centres and distributing food and clothing through our feeding programmes.


Due to the covid pandemic the nation has seen an increase in the unemployment rate, increased violence and domestic abuse, teenage and even primary aged pregnancy, political unrest and civil protests, strain on the healthcare system and downturn in economy since the covid pandemic. This has left many communities destitute, without food, clothing and limited access to physical and spiritual support.


As we seek to continue to support the nation of Eswatini by expanding our feeding programmes and food distribution we are also seeking to install additional boreholes enabling rural communities to have access to life giving clean water which improves their health and enables them to grow their own food. We can only do this with the financial support. In short WE DEPEND ON YOU to help us with this task to help the beautiful nation of Eswatini.


Partner With Us!

Please help us by making a donation today. You can make a one off donation or choose to sign up to a monthly direct debit. Any donation you can make no matter how big or small will change the lives of the most needy people in the wee country of Eswatini.


One Family

£25 enables us to provide a family with a nutritious meal every day for one month.

£25 per month

£300 per year

One Hundred Children

£1,000 enables us to provide a hot meal including meat, vegetables and rice to 100 of the most needy school children once a week for a whole year.



One Community

£15,000 enables us to provide an entire community with a borehole, giving them safe clean drinking water.


One Off Donation

A one off donation of any amount that you can afford to give enables us to meet the most pressing needs for the most needy and vulnerable people of Eswatini.

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