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Sponsor a child today

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Eswatini is a small country with a great need! Nearly one third of Eswatini's population is made up of orphaned and vulnerable children due to the country having the highest HIV/AIDS rate in the world! 


It may seem like an impossible task for anyone to make a difference, but you can give hope and transform the lives of these children by sponsoring one of them today. 


We are currently taking care of 379 children every single day. Providing them with more than just food, shelter and clothing. We provide them with the opportunity to thrive. This means we take care of their medical needs, food, clothing, housing, and education in a safe, loving environment where they can just be kids, and to emerge as leaders in their homes, work, community and nation.


Right now we need your help as we seek to find sponsorship for 64 of these precious children, therefore we are asking you to stand with us by giving what you can to help.


100% of all sponsorship funds go directly towards taking care of each child, for we believe every child deserves the chance to have an education and fulfil their dreams.

Did you know you can
change a child's Life?


Eswatini has the highest rate of HIV/Aids in the world, and a poor health care system

At CMS we ensure the medical needs of all children in our care are fully met.


Eswatini has the 8th highest unemployment rate in the world with no unemployment benefit

At CMS we ensure all children in our care have the education and skills they need to get a job.


Eswatini has the largest number of orphaned or abandoned children in Africa

At CMS we ensure no child is left abandoned or alone.


Only 28% of children complete Primary School. On top of this Secondary School is not free

At CMS we ensure all children in our care have access to a free education.

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