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UK TOUR 2023

You are invited to join us for our Hope and Glory Choir Tour Auction taking place on Monday 30th October 2023 at 9pm! The Auction will be lived streamed on Facebook and Youtube via our social media channels, but you can get involved right now by making a bid a head of time on any if the items that will be listed here in the next few days.

How To Get Involved

The Auction will be live streamed on the Challenge Ministries Swaziland NI Facebook page and YouTube Channel where you will have the opportunity to place a live bid on Auction items, or you can place a bid in advance by contacting us.

This year we are seeking to raise funds to support 5 young boys who as a result of a tragedy lost their parents and found themselves homeless, parentless, and without means of support. CMS by faith took them in and we are now seeking to ensure they are able to stay, in this safe family refuge.

Therefore the money raised by this auction will help secure their future, therefore we ask you to get involved and invite others to partner with us.


077 0109 9011



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